ON Lighting

World class lens and lighting solutions 

ON specializes in manufacturing the highest quality moulds for plastic lenses and lighting parts. We have experience with all lighting parts: bulb holders, reflectors, lenses, finishers, reflex lenses and Fresnel patterns for automotive and other uses.

Our Fresnel and electroform inserts are supplied directly by DBM Reflex, a world leader in the industry. We also offer specialized services as two-shot moulding, chroming, and finishing.

    ON offers complete lens prototyping services including tooling and completely finished parts delivered to you.
    ON can provide total pre-production service including part production and part finishing, chroming and painting. We deliver the complete set to you!
    ON offers tooling to meet all requirements, whether prototype or serial production.
    ON supply finished parts, including chroming, painting and other additional processes as needed.