ON Project Development

Would you like to develop a product in China?

Our team of engineers and project managers, combined with a global support network is working on your project from concept, through development, tooling to production and delivery.

One project coordinator will follow each project from start to finish, ensuring consistent, accurate information exchange and reliable follow up at every stage.
We are now certificated with ISO9001:2008 and ISO 16949
ON’s extensive experience doing business in China ensures you trouble free project management from beginning to end.

We manage project development from your concept to final product.

  1. We receive your request (RFQ) with drawings for prototype/mould/production/assembly.
  2. You receive a quotation under 48 hours with technical comments.
  3. After order reception, we make the project kick-off. We send you back comments and detailed planning.
  4. We launch first prototype to validate part design/functionality (optionnal). We optimize the design for serial moulds.
  5. Pre-study and steel order for serial moulds
  6. Mould manufacturing
  7. First mould trial (T1), sample shipment and customer validation
  8. Mould adjustment
  9. Second mould trial (T2), sample shipment and customer validation
  10. If production abroad : mould and document preparation for export
  11. If production in China : direct mould transfer to production factory
  12. Production in France or China
  13. Assembly, painting, welding, decoration, packaging, part shipment
  14. Follow up customer satisfaction survey