Prototyping is a necessary part of manufacturing process, especially if the serial production takes some investment.  
After receiving your 3D files, our engineering team will study your request to offer you the best technical and economical solution to make your prototypes. Consult us!

We are ready to offer you various prototyping technologies suitable for every plastic or metal material you planning on using. In most cases we are able to provide the exact replicas of the product (full size or miniature).

Technologies used:

  • Steel Moulds
  • Silicon Moulds
  • CNC Machining
  • 3D Printing
  • Wood, Steel, Plastic machining
  • Laser Sintering
  • Stereo lithography, High definition

Prototyping is also a cost saving option for low quantities of the parts. The functions and appearance of the product can be successfully realized in each prototype providing a fast result and a ready to use product.

ON  offers prototype manufacturing from 1mm to 3 m! We will provide all the components, including the metal, silicon, or other components.

Prototyping insures the great result!

Prototype steel moulds are mainly used for small/medium product quantities: average 100 to 2000 parts.
Steel moulds allow to inject parts with normal tolerances and serial quality level.
When it comes to textures, all kinds of polishing, cavity/core finishing, is possible.

Silicone moulds are used to produce between 1 to 10 parts.
Parts from silicone molds must be adjusted by hand to ensure the right dimension and the right surface finish.
A silicone mold cannot offer all kind of surface finishing.

CNC prototype parts are manufactured from a plastic block.
All tight tolerances and surface finishing are obtained by hand.