ON Factory

ON Factory is our injection and assembly factory of 4000m2 located in China. Our injection factory applies only the highest standards of the process to get the best parts! The raw material will comply with your requirements and quality standards.

WE OFFER: the complete package in China, including the Plastic injection, assembly, painting, ultrasonic welding, chroming, packing and shipment of your goods.

Injection Machine Equipment

- 90T Vertical machine, Bester
- 120T Horizontal Machine, Bester
- 160T Horizontal Machine, Bester
- 260T Horizontal Machine, Bester
- 450T Horizontal Machine, Tederic

Painting line integrated in the factory

Additional Equipment

- 3 SILK Printing machines,
- 1 PAD Printing machine,
- 2 US Welding machines,
- Fluid flow meters,
- Density testers,
- Color control boxes,
- Packing machine

Quality Assurance is a shared responsibility between management and staff that is interwoven with daily operational practices. The Quality System is designed to assure that all procedures inherent to the analytical process resulting in the production of analytical data meet the requirements of our clients, We are certified ISO 9001 /TS 16949.

QC Laboratory Test Integrate in the Factory.

QC Laboratory Test Integrate in the Factory

QC Laboratory Test Integrate in the Factory