ON Moulds

ON is currently developing his own mould manufacturing factory ON2 Mould in Dongguan, China.


Milling machine

Grinding machine

Mould workshop

ON Mould manufacturing procedure:

  1. Part design feasibility analysis;
  2. Mould flow analysis if requested;
  3. Mould design: we confirm all the mould elements with our customer including mould steel for all the mould components, cooling system, ejector pin marks, injection gate location and type, runner type and brand etc.;
  4. Mould steel conformity and chemical analysis is performed in 80% of cases;
  5. ON2 follows up mould manufacturing on a daily basis. Every Friday our customers receive the progress report which indicates all the project details with description and pictures;
  6. Mould trial procedures include: FLOW TEST, Cooling system test, mould steel test at sight. The moulds are tested in normal production conditions insuring their proper functioning at your factory; 
  7. Each export mould is signed off for shipment only after our standard check list is signed by the head engineer; 
  8. All the scale 1 mould drawings , mould passport, dimension reports, listed spare parts are all together in the box with the mould during shipment.